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The Women I Am

It's International Women's Day.  I didn't get the memo till I woke up to social media this morning, so know that this post wasn't well thought out, just inspired by the day.

Last week I had a hardcore conversation about friendship with one of my dearest and most valued friends. She's been around a while, and when I got to thinking, I realized that she's seen almost all of the women that I am. Yes, the plural is on purpose.

This friend has seen me single, and she has seen me married. She's reaped the benefits of when I bake like Martha Stewart, and she's also seen me feed my kids Oreos and Goldfish for dinner. She knew me when I was working as a teacher, and she knows me staying home with my children. She knows I can wrangle my kids like it's my job (which, it is) and she's listened to me cry of being overwhelmed because I had too many children. She's done a Bible study with me, and she's also danced on tables with me. And really, through…

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