The Women I Am

It's International Women's Day.  I didn't get the memo till I woke up to social media this morning, so know that this post wasn't well thought out, just inspired by the day.

Last week I had a hardcore conversation about friendship with one of my dearest and most valued friends. She's been around a while, and when I got to thinking, I realized that she's seen almost all of the women that I am. Yes, the plural is on purpose.

This friend has seen me single, and she has seen me married. She's reaped the benefits of when I bake like Martha Stewart, and she's also seen me feed my kids Oreos and Goldfish for dinner. She knew me when I was working as a teacher, and she knows me staying home with my children. She knows I can wrangle my kids like it's my job (which, it is) and she's listened to me cry of being overwhelmed because I had too many children. She's done a Bible study with me, and she's also danced on tables with me. And really, through the years none of those women are gone. Some take really long breaks, but they're all there somewhere.

It took me a long time to really embrace that it's okay to be a lot of different women all at once. Some people love the me that drinks protein shakes and works out, others love the me that stuffing my face with Oreos and coconut cake. Some love the me that can teach them to sew, others the me that can them how to Dougie. I've learned to love them all.

Celebrate and love yourself today, ladies-ALL that you are!

Always with love,



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