The lovely Cosmo Dress

As a self-taught sewist (I know this isn't a real word, but I prefer it over tailor or seamstress because those imply that I earn an income from sewing, or that I'm willing to do your repairs-neither are true) I sometimes underestimate myself. That's why I'm over the moon to be part of this blog tour with Sewpony.

Within months of starting to teach myself to sew, we added twins to our family making for four children, three under two. That left opportunities to sew very few and far between. In the first couple of years I never sewed a pattern more than once. I've come to realize that was actually quite valuable, as each garment offered practice in a new or different sewing skill. Now that I devote more time to my craft, I whip up my favorite patterns time and time again.

Still, there is always something to challenge myself with. This time: piping, with the Cosmo Dress Pattern by Sewpony.

Piping isn't something I've worked with often but it creates such lovely detail. All of the patterns at Sewpony have the perfect vintage flair, so when she posted a tester call, I jumped at the chance to test the Cosmo Dress pattern. The pattern includes three of most adorable options for the collar; I made the ties for Evie's dress.

What I didn't do this time, but I will certainly do next time, is use the pieced front design to play with the direction of the fabric. Check out the other bloggers on this tour (shared below) as well as #COSMODRESSPATTERN on Instagram, to see how they played with fabric direction for some amazing designs with this dress. The Cosmo Dress includes three collar options, four sleeve options, and falls at the PERFECT length just above the knee.
Adding to the detail of the piping and collar, the Cosmo Dress has a little modern twist from the back with the exposed zipper. I had never done an exposed zipper, but Suz offers instructions that make it simple and quick. If for no other reason, you ought to sew up this pattern just to add this unique skill to your repertoire. Seriously! Scroll down to learn about a discount code & giveaway for everything you need to make one.   
Since Evie was wearing 3/4 sleeves in triple digits and still looking so sweet, her sisters decided she needed to get a little treat, too. One of my favorite things about Evie is that she's everyone's baby.

Head over to Sewpony now through September 2nd and use the code COSMOTOUR to get 15% off the Cosmo Dress Pattern!!

Then, after you've sewn up your Cosmo Dress pattern, share your creation with #COSMODRESSPATTERN on Instagram to enter a GIVEAWAY for the designer fabric, zipper, and piping to create another lovely Cosmo Dress!

Follow the rest of the Cosmo Dress Tour by checking out the blogs below. It's so interesting to see all of the different options and the breadth of creativity from a single dress pattern!

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  1. Oh, what a cutie! I love the colors. Beautiful dress.

  2. So cute Dusty! Your daughter is so sweet!

  3. Oh the last pic! It melted my heart! The dress is so sweet! You are right, piping is a wonderful detail!


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