Cancer & the Car

I started this "new" blog to share my creative endeavors. I failed. But I still feel compelled to write, so here goes.

A few months back I got a call from a friend. I was dropping the twins at preschool so I couldn't take the call and just listened to the voice mail when I got in the car. The call was to let me know that a friend of ours had been diagnosed with colon cancer. Time. Stood. Still. My throat closed up and my heart sank all the way down to my feet. When I heard the words "colon cancer" I was immediately taken back to a dear friend's mom who was diagnosed with colon cancer, passing just weeks later. My eyes welled with tears and my mind got going-oh my gosh, her children are just babies.....she is so young.......she is so beautiful......she is so faithful.

I began to pray.

Some people hear the audible voice of God. I am not one of them. At least, not yet. But as I prayed, I had an overwhelming sense that the journey she is facing is the will of God and that she would move and inspire so many others in their faith. I hate to even write this, but it didn't come to me to pray for her healing (sorry Bosch). Instead, through the Holy Spirit, I found myself praying that her faithfulness in this challenge, no matter the outcome, would move others in their own relationship with Christ.

I made a commitment to pray for her each time I got in the car, since I do that eleventy million times a day. Praying every time I get in the car isn't always doable. Sometimes I've gotta make a call, or talk over things with the kids, or just yell at them to stop yelling (imagine how effective I am with that). But, I began to pray for her every time it was possible in the car. Within the first few days I realized I have MUCH more time to pray than I had realized. It's just more conversational. I don't have time to really concentrate, or be in a quiet place, or remember to "close". I'm regularly interrupted by kids, and drop offs, and pick ups, and traffic-but I can talk to God all day. I knew that, I just hadn't practiced.

What I came to see very quickly, was that her diagnosis was already moving people in their faith, because it was moving me. Answered prayer.

Let me encourage you, if you are a busy mama like me, to pray in the car. It won't be pretty. You won't be meditating. It won't be quiet. You might even get sinful right in the middle of your prayer as you curse that parent selfishly holding up the school pick up line. But you might also realize that you have more to share (and more time to share) with your Heavenly Father than you realized.

In love,



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