June Eleven

Today is June eleven, as my grandpa and my toddler self would say. My birthday.The 36th. We won't be doing any celebrating today, but that's the way life goes sometimes. I'll come back to why.

Yesterday morning we woke up at Camp Redwood where we were on a short camping trip with my family. We had this view and the sound of water flowing. 

Packing six people for even just a one-night camping stay is not as easy as I'd like and I failed to remember Jay's coat. Good thing Grandma had a back up in the trailer.
It was a few sizes too small and "for giwls" but it did the job and made for the sweetest picture of him with his first catch. Seconds after I snapped this pic the fish began to flip and flop-he dropped it and ran.
Learning how to gut a fish is something I actually remember from childhood.
Evie wasn't terrible, she did alright hanging in the pack-n-play. When she didn't my niece was there to play with her. She just didn't sleep well. At all. Back to her old ways.
Ashlyn loves her dad. She always lets us know that she loves him just a little but more than she loves me. I'm not even kidding. 

That last one is my oldest getting his tooth pulled by a my husband's Leatherman. Ew.

Anyway, yesterday morning after breakfast Jay threw up. We came home from camp in the afternoon and it continued. The twins puked all night and Jay still isn't keeping anything down. Since my husband sets up and tears down at our church I spent the large part of my birthday tending to two sick kiddos and trying to keep two others healthy while my oldest had stayed at camp with grandma.

We had plans for a sitter and a day date, but things don't always go according to plan. I've been laughing all day as messages have come through wishing me a wonderful and fabulous day. No such luck.

The truth is, it wasn't too bad. I felt no guilt letting the kids watch television all morning while Matt was at church. Fortunately, home truly is one of my favorite places. I plowed through the camped in and puked on laundry, did a little online fabric shopping, and went through the camping trip photos. I thought about my grandpa, as I always do on my birthday, and took time to sit down and write this post. That's as good as it gets right now. There is a season for everything, and this one is devoted to mothering.

I'm off to make myself a milkshake and tuck in all my kiddos. Nothing sweeter.




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